About Us

KT Ship Ltd is a management company registered in Estonia and offering services for ship owners and seafarers all over the world.

KT Ship has been established in year 2008 as a part of Esman group and staffed with well skilled personnel having a vast over 10 years experience in this field. Esman group itself has been established in 1995.

Our company has strong business relationship with reputable companies all over the world.

Despite being quite a small company on a very busy and competitive market we are totally convinced that when everyone is moving forward working hardly together, then success takes care of itself.


Our main activity is Crew Management and we are Interested in Clients who are looking for a long term cooperation.

KT Ship is well experienced in supplying crew for different types of vessels with all kind of DWTs and equipped with any kind of engines.

Despite our location we can provide crew members from all over the world manned directly without using other subagents. Our database includes over 38 000 completed applications from different countries and is daily updated.

On our behalf we offer:

  • Vast number of highly qualified seafarers
  • Selection, testing and training of the seafarers
  • Visa arrangements in any country seafarer is being located
  • Arrangement of all Flag State Documents
  • Travel arrangements when required
  • Crew supervision and planning
  • etc

The management and employees of our company are dedicated to the provision of high quality services to fully satisfy our client requirements. We have a commitment to comply with legal and other requirements and continually improve the effectiveness of our performance.


  • Capt. Juri Kolenkovski

    Chairman of the Board, Member of the Board
    Phone: +372 671 8643
  • Tatjana Shilko

    Member of the Board, General Crew Manager
    Phone: +372 671 8642
  • Svetlana Shilko

    Crewing, Crew Manager
    Phone: +372 671 8642
  • Irina Beshlebnaja

    Crewing, Crew Manager
    Phone: +372 671 8640
  • Elena Sharma

    Crewing, Crew Manager Assistant
    Phone: +372 671 8640
  • Ksenia Kalikas

    Crewing, Crew Manager
    Phone: +372 671 8640


    Kadaka tee 72A – 217, 12618 Tallinn, Estonia
    For contacting us by e-mail please use “ktship at ktship.ee”